Composite (Glass) Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement

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Road Building

Experts have already appreciated the high performance quality of FRP rebars. That’s why it is becoming so popular and in demand these days for any road building.

FRP rebar in road building is used for:

  • flagstones, columns and supports, fence slabs, roadbeds and fences;
  • reinforcement of roadbeds, foundations, and road slopes;
  • manufactory of (concrete) slabs for temporary road coating with full replacement of metal reinforcement with composite reinforcemnet;
  • railraod ties;
  • reinforcement of asphaltic concrete highroad coatings. FRP rebar in road building is eliminating crumbling and rutting of the coating, ensuring highway term of warranty;
  • bridge building. By its specification figures: strength, resistance to alkaline, acidic, and aqueous medium, resistance to corrosion process, all this guarantees the quality and durability of bridge constructions, and safe maintenance.

It should be said that FRP rebar in road building allows to reduce the building and reinforcing expenses in road building (due to low price and easy transportation, including in coils), this guarantees its high operating quality. It is easy, simple and pleasant to work with such materials, and safety and strength of composite types of reinforcement allows builders to be assured in operating quality of any road coating and long-lasting results of their work.

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