Composite (Glass) Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement

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Industrial and Civil Construction

Today it is more common in the world to monufacture reinforced concrete with use of FRP rebars. This technology is becoming more and more popular in: reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures pf power line poles, railway road trolley poles, (reinforced concrete) floors, etc.

The FRP rebars in industrial and civil construction are widely used in concrete constructions – buildings and constructions of different purposes with regular temperature rate which is not higher than +1000°C, and not lower than -700°С.

Such constructions can be made of different types of concrete substances: cellular, fine-grained, light, vesicular, tensive, and heavy concrete.

It should be noted that metal types of reinforcement in reinforced concrete products and concrete constructions are the most important, and at the same time the most vulnerable and weak parts, because constant exposure of reinforcement to moisture and alkaline medium of concrete causes corrosion, which entails repairs, limitation of operation time, and then destruction of concrete and reinforced concrete constructions.

In order to ensure a better compliance with the operation life of reinforced concrete, reinforceement sections are designed with a large “reserve”, which leads, in turn, to a greater consumption thereof.

FRP rebars in industrial and civil construction do not have the above disdvantages of metal analogues. They are resistant to moisture, alkaline and acid mediums. Being as strong as metal products, it is lighter and smaller in diameter, has a minimum weignt, is easily and fast transported.

FRP rebar in industrial and civil construction can also be used in the following rtpes of activities and structures:

  • (shaped) products for pipeline and runline utilities (cable ducts, heat stations);
  • Sewage systems
  • melioration and water disposal;
  • harbour and marine objects, bridge railing and decks.
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