Composite (Glass) Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement

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Glass-Reinforced Anchor (Coal Mines)

Glass-reinforced anchor is widely used for fastening external heat-insulating materials (driving anchor for constructioning with a glass-reinforced rod, used for reconstruction and rebuilding) as well as in mine working.

In building sector it, which is simple and safe in use, makes (due to a glass-reinforced element) a component heat-insulated and of high-strenth which allows fasten the heat-insulated slabs of almost any possible width.

It is recommended to attach anchor bolts at the temperature of 0°C and higher; the anchor bolts are placed together with anchor bolt holders into holes (drilled beforehand) and driven with a wooden hammer, then the surface is plastered or a facade is installed.

Glass-reinforced anchor in rock fastening. Made of fiberglass material and has a high tensile strength. Screw fixed with the help of polymer ampules or compositions.

This type of anchor can be used in mine working or for slopes, for layer reinforcing (coal bad), in shortwall and breakage face.

Advantages of use:

  • high tensile strength;

  • pecistent to corrosive processes;

  • low weight (aproximately 5 times lighter than metal anchor, which simplifies both its transportation and installation);

  • do not impede coal extracting with cutter-loaders and entry-driving machines;

  • borehole drilling and placement of these components are performed according to the installation diagrams of other anchors (steel polymeric anchors);

  • safe use;

  • the possibility of friction sparking is absolutely excluded as there are no metal components;

  • simple, easy and safe placement.
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