Composite (Glass) Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement

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Being a modern technology with advanced technical features, the FRP rebar is widely used for foundation of various structures of various profiles (below zero point bed).

The FRP rebar for foundation is a very good cost-effective solution, it is easily delivered to the place of installation, and is effective means which guarantees durability, solidity and long operating life of a foundation.

The FRP rebar for foundation is effective for construction of aseismic systems of buildings and structures rendering them stronger.

The advantages of such reinforcement in a foundation:

  • having the same diameter, it is stronger (aproximately 2-2.5 times) than traditional metal reinforcement, which allows using a smaller diameter while maintaining the same strength as a similar metal reinforcement, or larger net cells;

  • has both corrosion stability and chemical resistance. Has high resistance to alkaline, acidic, and aqueous medium (considered a first class chemical resistance material); guarantees the absence of crumbling and destruction of concrete (reinforced) constructions caused by corrosion process accompanied with corrosion swelling, which usually occurs with mettal reinforcement;

  • has a lower coefficient of thermal conduction than metal reinforcement. The thermal conduction of FRP rebar, glass- or basalt-reinforced, is much lower than that of metal reinforcement, about ten times lower. Due to that, FRP rebar won’t become a “bridge for the cold” in a concrete reinforced construction (including foundation) unlike other types of reinforcement;

  • coefficient of (thermal) expansion is the same as that of concrete, which excludes crumbling and reinforcement breakage in such type of foundation due to possible temperature drops;

  • much cheaper than metal reinforcement, also because of less and equal-strength diameter.
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