Composite (Glass) Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement

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Coastal Defence

One of the most destructive natural processes in the world is a steam-bank erosion of basins and rivers

This process affects engeneering objects, service lnes, vilages and cities, damages power line bearings, water intakes, destroys agricultural area and forest land.

In order to successfully withstand such effects, coastal defence is produced: people build dykes, make artificial riverbeds, in some cases move the housing infrastructure of populated centers, service lines and different engeneering objects.

Coastal defence is a costly and major process, competent and high-quality performance of which in coastal reinforced constructions requires such reliable and proven material as composite reinforcement.

Having high strength (wich is three times higher than that of metal analogues), corrosion resistance, and resistance to alkaline, acidic, aqueous medium and other aggressive mediums, this material is indispencable in dyke building, banks reinforcements, embankments, pile slopes (drill padded), which are, in turn, reinforced with such type of reinforcement.

One more plus of FRP rebar is resistance to a wide range of external temperatures (it even retains its functionality and working characteristics under the influence of ultralow temperature), it easily stands temperature drops that’s why coastal defence with use of such materials is possible in Far North conditions.

Coastal defence with protective constructions which are FRP rebar reinforced – firm, safe, durable, stable, and built for the ages, protects people from different consequences of high flow of basins and rivers.

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